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Summer Tomato Pizza

The Red Spoon Co   >  31 January 2019

Everyone knows that the best-tasting tomatoes are picked in Summer when the heat of the sun ripens them to a gorgeous red with the most amazing aroma. There is no better way to enjoy them than...

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Coconut Bark......

The Red Spoon Co   >  14 December 2017

The classic Peppermint Bark normally makes an appearance around this time of the year in many peoples hidden snack cupboards. While loved by many, the combination of bitter and sweet...

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The Red Spoon Co Team   >  10 July 2017

For Francophiles, Bastille Day is the ultimate celebration of France. This year we are featuring a classic that should be on everyone's table on the 14th. This is not only one of the easiest recipe...

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Hot Cross Bun Season

The Red Spoon Co Team   >  8 April 2017

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With the weather cooling down and Easter around the corner now is the perfect time to experiment with your own homemade version of Hot Cross Buns. The below recipe is sure to have you baking the be...

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